August 2012 - Even Longer Overdue News Update

WyrDGeneS Super Secret Runes of Protection Competition

Congratulations to Sami Korkalainen from Finland, the first person to decode the runes on the Edgelander cd. One glow-in-the-dark WyrDGeneS t-shirt is on it's way!

George Face

Many thanks to TAFF for the awesome portrait, which can be seen here, lots more TAFF art here here

August 2011 - Long Overdue News Update

Dandelion Farming

"...got out of chicken herding, the whole scene was going stale, it used to be aboot the eggs man! nowadays it's all foxes, fences and feathers... sold last chicken and used proceeds to set up as dandelion farmer in the big city, got a prime bit of backyard real estate, ideal for rearing dandelions..."

Progarchives Reviews

Belated thanks to Torodd Fuglesteg and Conor Fynes for their magnificent reviews of the album, edgeLäNDER, at one of my personal favourite interplaces, progarchives.com
Torodd's review can be seen here Torodd Fugelsteg edgeLäNDER review and Conor's here Conor Fynes edgeLäNDER review
There is also a thrilling interview with Torodd here Torodd Fuglesteg interviews George Edgelander

Thanks chaps!

February 2011 - Routenote Distribution

WyrDGeneS music is now distributed by RouteNote, a splendid little company based in the magical land of Cornwall, so you can now find the tunes at any of the following online outlets...

amazonmp3 spotify Rdio itunes emusic

...as well as direct from
routenote music

I would like to take this opportunity to thank my good friend Bob for all his invaluable assistance and say a big, 'SO LONG AND THANKS FOR ALL THE PIZZA!' to the chunky chappy, as he is getting slowly but surely buried alive under other commitments and will no longer be taking on any WyrDGeneS chores. Bob has very kindly allowed me to inherit the various profiles he set up under the name 'b0bthebl0b' on LastFM, Jamendo etc. Bob himself can still be contacted through his other alias 'p00pd00d' on LastFM.

May 2010 - Shirt Shop Open

After a month of setbacks and unforeseen pitfalls we are glad to finally announce the opening of the WyrDGeneS Shirt Shop! Designs so far include the fabulous album cover artwork by TAFF and a cool glow in the dark WyrDGeneS logo.
We're also pleased to announce that the edgeLäNDER album is now on...

Jamendo : Free music

...so just click the button to go there and listen to it and nearly 35000 other albums for free!

April 2010 - CD now on sale

We are very pleased to announce that WyrDGeneS - edgeLäNDER is now available on CD, it can be purchased either from this website or amazon.com. The tracks can also be purchased as mp3 downloads from amazon.com.
All free downloads are still available, so you might prefer to take advantage of that option and maybe, toy with the idea of making a small donation to Georges upkeep via the pizza button on the shop page, entirely optional of course. Thanks to everyone for all the support so far.

November 2009

WyrDGeneS is now on MySpace and facebook

October 2009 - WyrDGeneS Debut Album - edgeLäNDER

Well, well, George finally completed the first WyrDGeneS album, edgeLäNDER. It is not yet available for sale, so people will just have to stiffen their upper lips, gird their loins and make do with getting it for free instead. For now the tracks can be downloaded either from this site, or LastFM, or Alone Tone.
Some thanks are in order, firstly to TAFF at AltoArt for the fantastic cover artwork, also Sudara and all at Alone Tone, LastFM, 110mb.com, DOW and many others at thesession.org, FARNE folk archive and Andrew Kuntz at The Fiddler's Companion.
Special thanks to Liberty Jo and of course The Nameless Ones...



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